Delia's Thought Bubble

Language of the Cards

Are you aware of a Language that speaks volumes to your soul?

Your Birthday -- That mysterious day of days, the day when oxygen entered your body for the first time. When the valve switched from your umbilical cord connected to your mother; to your own tiny lungs. That pinnacle moment when your soul entered your being. That cry for life. This day is your contract to live and breath. Your contract can be interpreted through this universal language of numbers and symbols.

We have numbers all around us. Everything is built to specification of size and shape measured by numbers. Because numbers are such an integral part of our universe, we lose sight of their importance.

((check the Numerology (below) to know how to change every letter into a number through Numerology...))

What Symbols live deep within our psyche? 

     Hearts for one.     The symbol of the beginning, the emotion, the love and all thing associated with love.   Hearts...  (In Tarot symbology Hearts can be Cups, Bowls, Jars, Kettles or Flowers.  Associated with the Element of Water. )  If you take the letter A or the Ace and connect it with the heart you create the symbol

Ace of Hearts --      -- Desire for Love or I AM Love. 

     What symbol represents knowledge?   Think of the old style of keys, the key to knowledge. We see it and recognize this symbol as a Clubs.   (In Tarot symbology Clubs can be Wands, Arrows, Staffs or Acorns.  Associated with the Element of Fire. )    Through the millennium of time, this symbol represents Knowledge. The study of knowing.    If you take the letter A or the Ace and connect it with the Club you create the symbol

Ace of Clubs --    -- Desire for Knowledge or I AM Knowledge. 

    Ah... The Diamond.  The symbol we all recognize without fail. The Diamond; how we all pursue it.    We sometimes misinterpret it as materialistic values or money.   Diamond  (In Tarot symbology the Diamond can be the Pentacles, Coins, Bells, or Vegetables.    Associated with the Element Earth. )   The Diamond is representative of the reflection of  our Values (capital V), not just material values (small v).       Again connecting the letter A or the Ace to this most recognized symbol and you get the

Ace of Diamonds --    -- Desire for Values or I AM Value.


"Are You Starting To Get The Picture ?"

    And lastly we cannot forget the Spade.      Recognized for all to see, the Spade. (In Tarot symbology the Spade can be the Sword, Lightning bolts, Feathers or Birds.    Associated with the Element Air.)    The Spade, the practical, the work, our health and our spiritual journeys.  The Spade represents the old souls; the Wisdom of the ages.    And again connecting with the A or the Ace and ((Yes, You've Got It...))  the

Ace of Spades --     -- Desire for Wisdom or I AM Wisdom.


These numbers and symbols create our regular deck of playing Cards.  We see these numbers and symbols all the time.  These Numbers and Symbols have traveled through the ages and create a wonderful insightful CALENDAR.      

The Cards have settled into our lives everywhere and as author Sharon Jeffers says:  they are "- the secret language that has been whispering in our ears for a very long time". 

Just note, the next time you watch a poker game on TV or sit in a public place with a computerized poker game spinning out cards above your head . . . what are they saying?

We may simply excuse them for playing cards and may not be willing to see them as the contract of our birth and the calendar brought to us through many centuries from the energy of Atlantis.  

By entering into this study, (I have to warn you here), you may not be able to play poker or any other card game, the same again.  As you learn the meaning of the Cards your poker playing will take on very different meanings. 

Thus the journey begins...

Curiosity will inspire you to look up your

Birth Date.


What is your Birth Card?


What is your

'Aquarian Soul Objective Card'?  

(13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar)


To find these go to the

Calendar Page Link

and look up your Day





"Stupid Cards"

as seen through the eyes of a Joker . . .

       Well, we are back. I did as you directed, went to the site, brought up the deck of cards and guess what...the Joker was the only Card that did not work!   Is it that bad that I can't get a reading from anywhere???   OK. I give up!   I quit! I stop my search for who or what I am about!
The Bewildered,
Born December 31 (Gregorian Calendar)

To Dean (my wonderful Joker)

To make it simple, do me one last thing before you stop searching for who or what you are all about . . .  Go get a deck of Cards . . .   (I am sure you have a deck somewhere in your house.)     I'll Wait . . .

OK, now open the deck and take out the two Jokers . . .  (You will understand the reason for this when you do it . . . ) 

Now, with the Cards in hand, shuffle . . . . . . . . . . . .  and after you feel they have your energy in the Cards . . .  set them down face down and NOW CUT THEM WITH YOUR LEFT HAND . . .  ((Your Asking Hand)) 

Now replace the Deck on top of the cut  . . .  re-pile     

What Card is on the top of the pile . . ?   This is your hidden energy for this moment in time. 

Now,  find the meaning a that Card . . .  The unique and wonderful thing about the Joker is that you can be any Card you want to be at any time, and deep down inside you know exactly what I am talking about  . . . 

Think back in your life and think how you have always fit into every situation you have encountered.


If you need assurance every once in a while, then do this little shuffle . . . and the Cards will identify your exact energy at this moment at this time . . .

Love Laurie

I await your Card . . .

        I get the message. Instead of being trapped with one Master Card and a few subsidiary pieces, I have the whole mess to contend with! Oh lucky me!   I believe I understood this from the beginning but had some small notion that there may be some explanation that was a bit definitive.  Everyday is something new and exciting and any Card is a crap shoot. (said in a good way)
        So I can expect and be anything on any given Card on any given day.  I guess a life of being this way is good that you cannot be pigeon holed and in a rut.   The strange part is that being a Capricorn Joker is almost an oxymoron is it not?   The Goat is stubborn, single minded and eats everything in sight! 
       OK the last part was mine, but you get my message.   So what am I to believe, I am a goat or a full deck plus the 2 extras?      Hey, with two extras I can never be told I am a full deck minus a card or two!
Thank you




Omnia in numeris sita sunt.
(Everything lies veiled in numbers.)

Ancient Wisdom has survived to tell us there is an order to our universe. This order and rhythm, from the smallest atom to the furthest reached of the solar system, has been studied to clarify the evolving patterns of existence on earth.

"Numbers are messages sent from the Spiritual Plane to the ones who observe."


The Basic Numerology principle is that all numbers and letters add down to a single digit, giving that particular name or thing an energy of it's own . . .

My journey here, is to bring the basic meanings of numbers to light . . .

So . . . Give it a try. Take your name and connect the letters with the numbers and see what you come up with . . .

example: DELIA:   4 + 5 +3 + 9 + 1 = 22 ( I'll take this Master Number )




































Meanings of Numbers

One:   Look at the number 1
Stands Alone . . . ?

Ace . . .   Individuality or Selfishness.  Can Selfishness also be Self - Love!     Ace or One represents the real 'I AM', the ego, conscious of the self as centered in your world. Individual desires and seeking self-preservation. You are here to develop the self.  We Are All Mirrors Of Ourselves!    We Will Always Evolve! 
Keywords: Leadership, Standing strong for your own beliefs, Aggressive, Self-reliant, Inventor, Ambassador, Director, Promoter.

Two:   Look at the number 2

Represents Partnership, but be aware it can also trip us up . . .

Partnership or Fear ----- F. E. A. R. being False Evidence or (EMOTIONS) Appearing Real. Know that there is two types of Fear. The one we are aware of when being confronted by danger. This is Authentic Fear. The fight or flight feeling that puts us into action for survival. The other, is the one giving us the most trouble in this day and age. . . This is F.E.A.R., the paranoid fear we create only in our minds . . .  Be aware of and difference . . .   The Number Two: The Peacemaker because of your diplomatic and mediator abilities.
Keywords: Perfect equilibrium and equal sharing, Balance, Cooperation.

Three:   Look at the number 3
Can you see the way it shows direction . . .

Creative or Indecisive. The Choice You Make IS The Right One . . . Because you have made the choice . . . Not to sit on the fence of indecision. Do not scatter your energies in too many directions at once, thus postponing the accomplishment of your desires.  Decisions made within one second are the best.  Focus . . . on your creative side.  Always lean towards spiritual philosophies, lean towards self-improvement.
Keywords: Expansive, Social, Optimistic, Performer, Opportunities, Self-expression.

Four:   Look at the number 4
Enclosed in Security . . .

Stability or Being Boxed In. The solid foundation. Others rely on you. What is worth having is worth working and waiting for . . .  Go Downstream with your desires.  There is nothing you want upstream!   The individual who puts form and structure into life . . .  
Keywords: Solid, Honest, Responsible, Build for the future, Cautious, Hard worker, Patient planner, Practical, Foundation of Society.

Five:   Look at the number 5
Opens To Travel . . .   Pushing us ever forward . . .  The Number Of Man/Woman 

The Explorer!  By asking the question we will always receive the answer . . .

Discovery or Restlessness. The number of 'man/woman'. The explorer, the traveler. Many changes create the willingness to accept change. You will change old order beliefs by adopting new concepts and new points of understanding. You are the stepping stone to change . . .
Keywords: Courage, Growth, Investigator, Expressive, Freedom, Adventurous, Inexhaustible energy.

Six:  Look at the number 6
Continually spiraling, The circle of cause and effect . . .

Harmony or Karma. The domestic vibration. You are morally good and respectable and trustworthy. You are the Counselor, the ability to listen. You solve problems with ease. You understand the Law of Karma and use it for good. ((What you give out, comes back to you))
Keywords: Sense of Justice, Protective, Need for Peace and Harmony, Will not tolerate disruption, Sympathetic and Tolerant, Responsible.

Seven:   Look at the number 7
The lightening bolt coming towards us from the heavens . . .

Spirituality or heavy pulling towards the mundane. You see the world through serious eyes. You are here to separate the truth from the lies. You prefer to sit on the mountain top and meditate. The day to day mundane world is hard to handle at time and if this stress gets too much, illness results.
Keywords: Strength in solitude, Wisdom come from moments of silence, Dreamer, Philosopher, Mystic, Psychic, Understands human nature, Quiet, Analytical.

Eight:   Look at the number 8
It is all about BALANCE . . . ?

Balance of Authentic Power or Imbalance through Manipulative Power. Must accept responsibility. The eternal and continuous spiral motion, which constantly moves through our universe. The Mystery. The Secret. The balance of Ying and Yang. Male and Female. As Above, So Below.
Keywords: Strength, Will, Effort, Persistence, Spiritual Freedom.

Nine:   Look at the number 9
Do you see the fulfillment from above . . .  Now send the message out . . .   Universal Message!

Fulfillment or Endings. Your search is the search for perfection. Once you have found fulfillment, you must let go and move on to the next level. The higher you evolve, the more tests you will endure. Endings are for Universal Growth.
Keywords: Charitable, Loving, Philanthropy, Humanitarian, Thirst for Spiritual Knowledge, The Beacon for Others. There are no mistakes, just lessons.

Master Numbers:  11  -  22  -  33  -  44

People possessing master numbers, either through their name or their birth dates are generally distinguished by their special gifts of leadership and understanding. 

11:  Revelation

You are here to serve humanity and bring about peace and reconciliation.  Your name leads you to positions of influence.  When you find balance in your live your number 11 brings higher truths in worldly and universal affairs.  You are innovative and a visionary leader.  Many famous politicians, religious leaders, scholars and entertainers have the number 11 prominent in their neurological charts. 

22:  Actualization

You are attracted to universal movement or situation that aim at the betterment and enlightenment of humanity.  You are here to unit people and natural forces.  You learn modesty at an early age.  You have great power of organization and are renowned for laying the solid foundations upon which great and powerful institutions are built.   You are here to learn consideration, compassion and humility.  Use your mental abilities combined with the harmony with your body, emotions and spirit.  

"Leonardo da Vinci, born on April 14, 1452, is a supreme example of an individual born with the 22 birth path master number."

33:  Universal Service

You are highly attuned to humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors.   You are concerned with the relief of suffering and the betterment of not only humankind but all of nature and the universe.  You serve on a grand scale.  Harmony of your emotional conflicts are key to becoming the excellent Healers, Teachers and Counselors of Our World. 



44The Angels are with you

On the positive side, the energy attributes of number forty-four resonates with structural efficiency, capable, logical, power within, nature driven, realistic, pragmatic, disciplined, manufacturing, engineering, wealth, confidence, abundance, growth, stability, solid foundations, wholeness.


Where Do You Live In Numerology

In finding out your home's vibration, add the numbers of your address and continue to add down to the one number to tell you what you already feel, living where you do . . .

The house we lived in before was a 12 / 1 + 2 = 3 and I would have loved to get it so I could put everything away in it's proper place . . .   but I never could make that happen, in this home's vibration. "I'm just too busy being creative . . ." And when I finally found everything in it's place it was time to move.  We then moved to Number 28 / 2 + 8 =10 / 1 + 0 = 1.    I was so glad to have changed my home vibration to a 1 . . . It gives each of us our space back and even though we had our argument . . .   with awareness we feel better about our space. . . .We are now in our wonderful new home at 162 /  1 + 6 + 2  =  9. Lots of fulfillment, balance and spirituality . . .Awareness to only let positive energy come in . . .  A Rose Garden, making sure you leave the thorns at the door. . .  This house just keeps on giving and giving . . .

The source I have attained for these Residential Numbers was from Cord MacIntire a Mathematical Psychologist, I met many years ago...

Number one is a forceful, self-assertive and direct quality and people who live in a 1 house are forthright, direct and each has strong opinions of his/her own and is determined to put them across. Many conflicts of interest and arguments arise. They appear to love to argue and take an opposing point of view many times. Everyone wants to do his/her own thing and to go his/her own way, as they are all individuals - all Chiefs and no Indians . . .

Two is a passive, relaxing influence and it creates an easy-going, social, lazy quality. People like to visit a 2 place, because of its easy lack of formality and restful atmosphere. It can become the 'social club' of the neighborhood if there are children in the home.   People in a 2 place are inclined to be lazy and put off getting things done . . .  It's OK to Relax!

Three is the number of expression, entertainment and fun. It creates a happy, bohemian environment, where the residents are prone to lack routine and organization. They leave clothing and personal effects all over the place; rarely does anyone put something back where it belongs. Most storage areas and drawers are regular 'Fibber McGee's closets'. Visitors usually enjoy themselves and invariably are invited to stay for a meal or two, rather than being given a cup of coffee and a cookie  . . .

People in a 4 place are forever fixing it up and making improvements. They are married to the place. Everything is neat and tidy, scrubbed and polished. There is a place for everything and everything had better be put in its place. People in a 4 home often dislike traveling and if they do get away, their greatest pleasure is in returning home. A 4 place likes to be plagued with plumbing problems, even if it's a new house.

There is a restless, itchy feet quality about a 5 place that keeps everyone on the go. The residents are just home long enough to gulp their meals, change their clothes and off they go again. People find it hard to stay home and relax in a 5 house and it attracts people who hate housework and monotonous chores. A rental property that is a 5 often sees many changes of tenants, that often leaves the place in a damaged condition . . .

The six vibration is best for a stable, domestic atmosphere, as 6 is the number of the home, domesticity and family responsibilities. It attracts home loving, responsible people who make a house a home and they will add to it over the years, converting basement to family rooms, garages to game rooms and installing playground equipment and back yard pools. It attracts home-loving people who love to bake, cook, preserve and entertain at home . . .

Seven is the number of the stoic, philosopher and recluse and visitors often feel that they have invaded someone's privacy when calling on a 7 place; thus they do not stay too long. A 7 home often has a well kept garden and the residents spend a lot of time there and take great pride in its appearance. Many misunderstandings arise in a 7 place and it is often the scene of occult phenomena and it subjects the residents and visitors to strange feelings. It attracts residents who have deep religious and philosophic convictions, who love books and reading. It is often the target of lightning strikes . . .

The eight place is the best address for a business or a residence that is purchased with a profitable resale in mind. It is a stable, materially-oriented influence that often harbors a full or part time family business, as it attracts ambitious people who want to make money. Its inhabitants appreciate material goods and quality furnishing; and they tend to dine formally in a well-appointed dining room when entertaining visitors. They attempt to live the good life and acquire the best of everything . . .

The nine house beings fulfillment and comfort, universal Love and Compassion. It attracts Artist (of any kind), Teachers, Healers, Writers and Philanthropists who gives freely of his/her emotions in all forms of expression. The people attracted to a nine house work best in those areas of life where inspiration, kindliness and human understanding are essential.

Be Aware: A nine house (can also be the) scene of tragedy and it attracts emotional, volatile people who are prone to displays of temperament. They will fight like blazes one day and love intensely the next, exhibiting extremes of intense emotion and flaring tempers. It (can) attract personal losses through death, divorce or separation and loss through fire and injury through accidents. The 5 and 9 are accident-prone both as an individual's destiny number as revealed by his/her name and as the essence of the building number . . .

(With awareness of these above vibrations you are the one who can change this energy for the better . . .)

Thank-you Cord McIntyre for this information......


Open Your Heart to Colour Therapy

What Colour Are You Wearing Today?

take a breath and look around 

What Colour Jumps Out To You?


Become Colour Conscious...

"The human psyche is wrapped

in the colours of the rainbow."


Recognize and feel good about the colours around you. 

Breath in the Colours of the Rainbow.

Follow the 14 Colours of the

New 13 Moon 28 Day MysticEmblems Calendar . . .


Each Colour

 on the Rainbow Spectrum

Carries a Specific Energy...



The Base Chakra

Think passion.   Think excitement.  Think desire.


Red is associated with the genitals and reproductive organs. 


Also, red focuses on blood and circulation.


Wear red when you are ready to let go of the unwanted and to release the negativity in your

world.  Wear red when you are shy and want to get your life back in the game.

 Wear red to improve your sluggish circulation and

when you need to get going after a cold or illness...





 The Sacral Chakra

Think of self-reliance.   Think of breaking down barriers.  

Think of optimistic energy.


Orange is connected to the lower intestines and the lower back. 


Also, the abdomen and the kidneys.   It is our gut instinct.


Wear orange when you are in need of strength to get you through adversity. 

Wear orange when you are afraid to move forward.  

Eat orange to help your body absorb food. 

Wear orange if you are grieving the losses in your life...




Solar Plexus Chakra

Think flexible and adaptable.   Think of getting things done.  Think self-confident and fresh.  Yellow is associated with our stomach, the solar plexus.   Also the liver, gall bladder, digestive system and the spleen.   It also takes in the skin and the nervous system.

Wear yellow when you need to get rid of toxic energy.  

Wear yellow when you are confused and emotionally depressed.  

Wear yellow when you are hit by hormonal difficulties,    eg. hot flashes...  

Wear yellow, eat yellow and drink yellow when you are wanting to lose weight. 

Yellow produces energy, so wear it when you are exercising to keep you moving...




The Heart Chakra


Think stability.   Think harmony and balance.   Think clarity, understanding and self-acceptance.

Green is connected to the heart. 

Also, the chest and the shoulders and the lower lungs. 

It urges the thymus gland into action.


Wearing green or turquoise as a necklace to stimulate the thymus for life energy. 

Wear green when you are healing the past.  

Eat green to ward off fatigue and to detoxify and enhance physical stamina in your body.





The Throat Chakra

Think truth.   Think where the head and the heart speak through.   Think contemplation...


Blue is the throat. 

Blue is also connected to the upper lungs, the arms and the base of the skull. 

Blue motivates the thyroid gland.


Wear blue when you want to gain the confidence to speak out. 

Wear blue when you have a stiff neck.  

"I was told by my massage therapist to use a blue transparency sheet over the words in a book to help me clarify what is written on the page; to help me read..."

Use blue paper to help you remember a speech. 

Wear the cool of blue to reduce a fever.  

Wear blue to bring back calm, solitude and rest.   

Wear blue, eat blue, drink blue and visualize blue when you want to gain weight,

because blue curbs activities and brings calm.    





The Brow Chakra

Think of a midnight blue Indigo sky on a full moon.   Think purity.   Think justice and structure.


Indigo represents our bones, especially our backbone. 

Indigo connects to the eyes and the sinuses. 

Also, the lower brain and the pituitary gland.


Wear indigo when you have acute sinus problems, which psychologically are uncried tears. 

Wear indigo to heal the deep hurts of life. 

Wear indigo to unravel the unknown to take you higher into your inner senses and intuition.  

Wear indigo when you wish to go inward to find solitude. 

To feel at peace and see reflection, look up to the clear night sky.  

Eat Blueberries...





The Crown Chakra

Think spiritual mastery.   Think enlightened perfection.  Think of the highest level of thought.

Violet or purple represents the brain, the top of the head and the scalp. 

It opens the pineal gland or the third eye.


Lightly use Violet or Purple. 

Just a touch of this heavy colour will help in depression. 

Wear violet or purple when your head hurts and your nerves are frayed. 

Be aware Dark Purple may be too intense for children. 

To balance purple add in gold...  

Wear violet when you need to rebalance and bring back natural healing. 

Wear violet to encourage imagination and creativity.  

Wear violet or purple to enhance the mystic in you. 





When to use Pink...

The hues of pink, are the colours I saw this morning, in the sky.  Wear pink to bring in the sunshine.  If you are threatened and there is misunderstanding, pink helps to calm the mood and lessen tensions.  Pink works well with Turquoise.




Welcome to the Aquarian Heart

Located at the Tymus Gland  (your upper chest)

Use turquoise to relax the Heart and the Throat Chakras.


Wear Turquoise to protect your health and guard against harm. 

Wear Turquoise to give yourself strength and inner confidence. 

When you desire freedom and your own unique individuality, wear Turquoise. 

Wear Turquoise when you need to energize and to bring back courage to strike out on your own.




Let the Ocean into your life.

Cleanse Your World/

Coral is of organic origin. Coral can be used to reconnect with nature and its variety of wonders. Coral also attracts love and prosperity, particularly red coral, which is a stone of passion. Creativity and optimism are also qualities that coral brings out. Emotionally, coral brings inner peace, strength, and understanding of purpose. Physically coral is used in alternative crystal healing for general healing, blood and circulatory system issues, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone and bone marrow, eye problems, and the respiratory system. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Corals also have other properties according to their color.

Thank you to:







The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance.

It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet.

Magenta influences our whole personal and spiritual development.

It strengthens our intuition and psychic ability while assisting us to rise above the everyday dramas of our daily life to experience a greater level of awareness and knowledge.

Thank you to:





Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility.

In legend, copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates that mental agility, and quick wit.

Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, from electricity to the mystical subtle energies emanating from higher planes, etc. Thus, copper is said to enhance and transmit thoughts, even over long distances.

Copper is used in traditional folk remedy and crystal healing lore to bring in additional energies for all types of healing, treatment of arthritis, relieving pain of broken bones, sexual instability, and low energy.

 Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Thank you to:




When to use Silver...

The silver thread that connects us All together.   The silver thread that connects us to All who have passed.   Silver lights up the path to enlightenment.   The silver mirror reflects back to us to show us ourselves.  

The feminine dimension is of silver

The silvery full moon calms the nerves and has been called the greatest natural tranquilizer .

Use silver to calm your consciousness.  Restore your equilibrium in the silver moonlight.








When to use Gold...

Gold is gracious and uplifting.   Use gold when you want to brighten your world and show you are wise and pure.  Gold is associated with money and wealth.  Gold is Faith.   Carrying a golden aura is related to maturity, the wise old sage.




The metal is a beautiful silvery-white when pure, and malleable and ductile. The metal is corrosion-resistant. In the realm of philosophical elemental alchemy symbols, platinum was revered for its endurance. Platinum represents determination, grit, and seeing our manifestations to completion.

Thank you to: 







And then there is:



When to use Black...

Are you inconspicuous and want to hide?   Wearing Black  is to keep in control and the need to step back from life, to recharge.  Wear Black to bring back liberating feeling of  freedom and the mystic in you.    Black is known to protect...

Black does not connect to any part of the body.    Black is the absence of light.  Black absorbs all aspects of light.

Black says "Don't intrude on my space" 




When to use White...

White is purity, white is fresh and white opens into wide open spaces to get away from the crowds.   White reflects all aspects of light and all other colours are equal in white.  White allows light to travel.  When you wear white you are shouting, "I am here."

The only part of the body that white is associated to is the eyeball. 

Our world needs white to enhance all the other colours of the spectrum.



When to use Grey...

Grey scatters light.  Grey can produce a numbing effect on the mind, expressing neutrality.  Use grey with care.  The wrong grey can show you are disinterested.  Wearing grey can show you want to be isolated and feel emotionally detached.  You will see a lot of grey in the business world, so maybe we need to brighten up our financial world a little...





When to use Brown...

Brown blends into the surroundings.  You can hide behind brown.  It is the colour of the earth and the natural world.  When you wear brown you want to be non-threatening and comfortable.  If you want to stay in the background, wear brown.  Do not over use brown as you may become invisible.


Learn to Colour yourself in

Health, Wealth and Wisdom


Blessed Be



MY Lori

June 12, 1967  ---  September 28, 2006 

(((The Five of Diamonds with the Queen of Spades Planetary Ruling Card)))
- - -
(((The Nine of Hearts with the Five of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card)))

Our first meeting:
Lori was doing her practicum at the place I worked, on October 23 1998. Upon her entry, I was drawn to ask her Birth Date . . .

It was June 12 1964.
(((The Five of Diamonds Birth Card with the Queen of Spades Planetary Ruling Card))).

Lori can see "them" . . . She feels cold and sees and feels "their" presence . . .  Doing readings with Lori has proved to be quite interesting . . .

What was it like doing a Reading with My Lori present?

Lori once told me, she saw my mouth change shape when I was into a read.  She said my mouth would look like someone else's mouth, not mine . . .

I recall the readings being more intense, more visual. The ability to see deeper into the Cards would come through.
Without giving away any confidences, I remember one in particular...

A reading that demonstrated frustration and anger. Anger at this young teenager?s life been stolen from her by murder. My Cards flew from my hands in such a fury, that Lori felt she needed her trusted Grandmother's Bible to be present. After about twenty minutes of intense calling. Finally a telephone call, a connection to this young girl?s best friend, a connection with an unborn child, a bright light and a crossing over. Then came peace and calm . . .

Even though I am the catalyst and these Cards are my tool; when My Lori was in the room the message comes forth like thunder . . .

As our friendship grew, Lori's struggle with her Inner Child became more and more apparent. The depth of her despair taking it's toll upon her physical body.

Why have I come to meet you, Lori? How can I help . . . ?

Lori stands at the doorway between life and death . . .

October 1, 2003 . . .    Lori's gateway is open and she tries to leave. But, to no avail . . . "Accidental Suicide . . .!"   "I did not do it . . .!" Healing will take time . . .

I realize, I needed to wait . . .    Healing is Hard . . .   I tell her June 12, 2004 (her 40th birthday)    "Life begins at 40 . . . . . . . ."


September 14, 2004 . . . We spoke today . . . Are You Lost . . . ?

When we talk, all I hear is drugs . . .  When we visit, all I see is drugs.

I write this for you, Lori . . .  then I have to move on . . .

"Thank you doctor for giving Me the drugs

to dull my senses and take away my pain . . .

Thank you doctor for giving Me the drugs

to keep me insane . . .

Thank you doctor for giving Me the drugs

so I don't have to feel my life . . .

Thank you doctor for giving Me the drugs

to numb me to my death . . .

With eyes half closed I see only half my troubles,

and the rest is the back of my eye lids . . .

Thank you for allowing me to make the choice to sleep away my life .

I was once a vibrant, lively young girl,

but the past hurt reminded my dreams . . .

Now, I am happy to fight my demons

from the safety of the back of my eye lids . . .

Thank you doctor for giving Me the drugs

to see only the darkness of the back of my eye lids . . .

The world looks much better

from the back of my eye lids . . .

Thank you doctor . . .   . . .   . . .

I need more drugs . . ."

I write this not to offend . . .

This is just what I saw! I believe, at times, because of her ability to see the other side, this was hard on Lori and maybe the drugs of her life were there to shut "IT" off.

Of All the Lives to Live --- Why This One . . .

Of All the Souls to Meet --- Why This One . . .


The word has come to me, on September 28, 2006 . . .

(((The Nine of Hearts with the Five of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card) ))

My Lori  . . .   You have made it across . . . We always used to joke, that whoever got to the other side first, would call back . . . And on this day, you surely did . . .

Lori, You did it, You made it, Your physical body just let go . . .

Your Spirit Now Flies . . . and You are Free.

I complete My Lori's story by stating Lori was not All Doom and Gloom. Lori's appeal was her strength and her ability to laugh through her many trials. I will never forget the family's "I Love You" salute. The laughter and fun with her brother, Scott . . .  The Love and Quick Wit of her husband Steph . . .   Her Mom and Dad's welcoming . . .  Her good friend, JP, and her many friend and family I've met and heard about.

And her Loving Companion to the end . . . Lori's wonderful Cat, Gizzy. Gizzy's large stature would push you over with his Love Stretch . . .

(((Oh... and by the way, Gizzy has found a wonderful new home with Shannon and Barry just off Naramata Road)))

I do believe, My Lori's story is not really complete . . .

I do believe, every Read I do from now on, will have a little of My Lori in IT . . .

Especially when the Temperance Card shows up. In her dislike for being told to have Patience, she would gently pick the Card out of the Read . . . and pitch it across the room . . .

Lori, I will miss you, I will always see you, I will always feel your presence . . .   When I do readings, now you are always there . . .

September 28, 2007 One year will have past, and I felt I need to contact Lori in a way beyond my doing . . .   So I headed to the Naramata's Wise Women's Festival on my Birthday and knew I would find someone to do a reading for me and I knew Lori would come through.  Sure enough, here was a reader and here was the exact same Cards Lori used to own . . .  I am receiving a read with Lori's Angel Cards . . .  Again Lori comes through very strong  . . .

This reading was excellent and Yes, My Lori, told me it is time to remember the Good Times and Let Go of the sad times . . .  

I called Lori's Mom and she is proud to announce a house has been built in Vincento Gurerro, Mexico for Lori . . .
   A little blue house for a family of nine   (((nine of diamonds   -    to give)))


You may be gone, but

We Still Connect Through My Reads...

December 11, 2006... Thank you Tiana, (Born: January 18, 1992) (((Nine of Diamonds Birth Card))) for being the first and allowing Lori to enter your read...

Thank you Jerry (passed June 5, 2006) (((You passed in the morning, the Nine of Diamonds))) Thank you for coming in.... in the read in Mexico on January 25, 2007... Lori had a hand in this one...

Thank you Jaqi, from Mexico, (Born: April 16 ) (((Five of Diamonds with the Nine of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card)))... You are a delight and I see Lori's strength and beauty in your being...

Thank you, Tracy, also from Mexico, (Born: date slipped through my mind but is a Five of Diamonds Too... ) Your ability to be Free and Travel, I see Lori's freedom in You...

Then I felt a wonderful, thrilling, vibrant, shiver... read on the morning of May 13, 2007, when Corri brought in her Grandpa, who passed April 16 of this year... ((( Five (5) of Diamonds and Nine (9) of Diamonds Planetary Ruling Card...))) And there Lori was again with Corri's Grandpa telling Corri to give her worries up to the Three (3) of Clubs... "Give her worries up to Grandpa............"

Lori comes in All my Reads, lately... May 17,2007... with My Linda... and that Temperance Card again, but this time with Lori's Cards it is Number 14... INTEGRATION... We patiently weave our dreams and LET THEM FLY... LET THEM FLY, PATIENTLY CREATE YOUR DREAMS AND LET YOUR DREAMS FLY, LINDA......

Later that day on May 17, 2007, I also noticed a friend of Lori's... On the streets... of Penticton... Kelly from Manitoba... (Birthdate: July 5) (((the Ten of Diamonds... You will meet again in your next life with Lori's Nine of Diamonds))) Lori's shines on you, too...

Call IT coincidence or whatever, but next time you pass a car or a truck along your busy day . . . and the license plate numbers are right in front of your eyes . . . comes up with a 9, 5 or 3 in it, or any combination of these three numbers . . . Just Smile and Say Hello to a Beautiful Spirit Guide . . . Say Hello to My Lori . . .

And Now, September 28, 2011    a new entry . . .     Welcome to our world Annalise Nadeine


2012 Elly  . . .



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