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Relationship Connections

  "All that we are is

the result

of what we have thought"

- Buddha -

"I Am Love"


"Spiritual Partnership . . .

The new partners are on a journey of spiritual growth.
They want to make the journey together.
Their love and trust keep them together.
Their intuition guides them.
They consult with each other.
They are friends.
They laugh a lot.
They are equals.
That is what a spiritual partnership is:
a partnership between equals
for the purpose of spiritual growth."
- from "Soul Stories" by Gary Zuka -

"The meeting of two personalities

is like the contact of two chemical substances,

if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

    ~ Carl Jung ~


"We come to love not by finding a perfect person,

but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

      ~ Sam Keen quotes  (American Philosopher) ~

"Why are we attracted to each other?"  

This printed READING

tells you WHY you are connected.

First describing You and then describing Your Partner.


You will find yourself referring to your report, time after time.  

The connections are wonderfully accurate.


Reading this together, as a couple,

will give you new ways to express yourself, 

to create a workable relationship.

The Reading will be sent as a PDF file.

This reading can also be for a


a Family member


a Business Associate.

"We must first understand ourselves,

we must then understand the person

we have chosen to enter into a relationship

and finally

the dynamics we create

when we come together."


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Relationship Questions to ponder . . .

 . . . to ponder with an open heart.  
I truly believe we teach others how to treat us
by the way we treat ourselves.

What AM I getting out of this Relationship?

How is this Relationship bringing joy to my life?

How am I growing and becoming a better person

as a result of this Relationship?

Do I feel Safe?

Do I feel Respected?

 Do I feel Loved?

Do we share attractions and chemistry?


 Do we have similar life goals and dreams?

Are My emotional needs being met?

Are My physical needs being met?

Are My mental needs being met?

 Are My spiritual needs being met?

Are they faithful?

Do I feel happy and fulfilled more that

I feel unhappy and frustrated?

Does this relationship allow me to be: true to myself?


. . . true to my values ?


. . . true to my beliefs ?


. . . true to my spirit ?

 If this relationship were to end,

would I truly be sad about the lose of this relationship


sad that they were not the person I wanted them to be?


 . . . Ponder the same questions

when you are talking to yourself ?


There is a reason our eyes are where they are, 

looking out to the world. 

We see others, we do not see ourselves.


We are all Mirrors of each other.


We teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves . . .

I deserve a completely fulfilling Relationship!

I deserve to be an equal partner in my Relationship!

I deserve to move forward in my Relationship!

I deserve to move towards shared life goals!

I deserve to have Joy in my Relationship!

I am far too wonderful to be anyone's second choice!


I take action that says

"I Value Myself Enough Not

To Settle For Anything Less !"

"Being in a Good Relationship is a Symbol

that I know how to Love My Self"











 Quote by:

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel  

Also in "The Secret"

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