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Moon Time

Moon Time   
by Delia
edited by Zelda

     Six year old Gypsy and her father walked out the door on a clear cold winter night.  She squeezed her daddy's hand to get his attention and asked quietly, "Daddy, what is that?".  Arran followed her gaze up to the shimmering Full Moon and explained matter of factually.  "That is the Full Moon."  Then he paused to take a better look and realized something.  He looked down at his beautiful daughter's young eyes and said,  "Remember sweetheart, remember when I worked nights and a lot of times we would stand on the balcony watching the stars and seeing the moon."  There was a look of confusion in her eyes, and then a glimmer of memory.  They stood to admire the magnificent Full Moon and Arran recalled many nights of camping in Mexico before Gypsy was born, and feeling connected to nature. He knew the exact time by the moon and the stars.  He sighed and looked at the many lights of the city that washed the stars shine away and they slowly continued on to the car . . .


     What became of the Moon's important role in time?  It would seem the Moon is gone from our consciousness.   The world has become too crazy, too rushed, almost too artificial.  Often people hear or say things like "running out of time", "wasting time", "not enough time".

    The Moon and it's phases are still important. Moon Time is an ancient concept. It has always been there, waiting patiently to be acknowledged again.

    In 1519 Hernan Cortes and his Spanish crew landed on the coast of Yucatan and discovered the Mayans.  At that time the Mayan empire was not a unified empire, but distinct groups of Mayans sharing cultural characteristics; such as highly developed calendars. The Mayans used seventeen consecutive calendars, a complex writing system and sophisticated mathematics.  Even today the Maya have maintained their significant cultures and languages.

    Cortes, was not yet aware of the spiritual implications that surrounded his expedition.  His arrival in the Americas coincided perfectly with the predicted return of Quetzalcoatl, the "Plumed Serpent". He is the Aztec's main God, credited with creating man and teaching the use of metals and the cultivation of the land.

     Sixty three years later, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian Calendar to create the well known Gregorian Calendar in use today.  The Julian Calendar was created in 45BC and was named after Julius Caesar. Both the Julian and Gregorian  measures of time follow the earth circling the sun and are called Solar Calendars. The necessary time and leap year adjustment from the Julian Calendar into the Gregorian Calendar resulted in the loss of ten days between October 4th and October 15.  That is to say, at midnight October 4, 1582 it became October 15, 1582. 

    Calendars were ultimately implemented to "colonize" the population as an instrument of control. The Gregorian Calendar is filled with days of "celebration", not to promote humanity but to promote consumerism.  It has become the framework of government and global activities geared towards international commerce = "Time is Money".  Following this day to day there is a feeling of getting nowhere, of life without purpose. It is irregular, illogical and does not use internal spiritual language.

"Living under the rigidity of the twelve month calendar, nature has become irrelevant.  It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress; beyond the limitation of nature.  
The fact is, our idea of nature is flawed, not nature itself."   by Jose Arguelles

"The 12 month calendar has a cycle that is contrary to and out of phase with the natural annual thirteen fold gravitational wave created by the Moon's orbit around the Earth."  by physicist Mark Comings

Moon Time is Natural Time

    Moon Time follows the cycles of the moon around our planet and is referred to as natural time. Every being on our planet is affected by the moon's cycles.   The ocean tides are affected by the moon and the human body, consisting of 80% water, is also affected by the movement of the moon.  Scientist have discovered the effects the moon on our body's balance, moods and emotions.

     Women know this well by their 13 menstruation cycles in one year.  Approximately every 28 days the moon becomes full and every 28 days women experience what Native American women call their "Moon Time".  Women feel this timing frequency which is inside and connected to nature. This is our natural timing frequency.

    Police and Emergency personnel prepare for Full Moon activity.  People can be affected by the dark of the Moon as well;  the days the moon is hidden from the sun. This is the time of the month to rest.

    It has been said, when the moon is "waning"  --   going from Full to New, it is the time to detoxify. When the moon is "waxing"  --  going from New Moon back to Full, it is the time to fortify. The Farmers Almanac is still popular today using moon phases to help the farmers find the best times to sow.

There ARE 13 FULL MOONS in one year!

    The familiar saying "once in a blue moon" is actually quite the contrary.  In the Gregorian twelve month calendar, some months have two Full Moons and it is thought to be a rare occurrence.  There have always been 13 Full Moons in each year. When the calendar is spread equally over 28 days, there is a Full Moon in every month, even and balanced.  Natural.

     This is what Jose Arguelles teaches with his 13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar.  Each day of the week is represented by a vibrational / spiritual name    speaking the internal spiritual language of our Chakras.  Chakras represent the seven energies of the human body.   The Thirteen Months are based on the Thirteen Moons.

     What I have done is combined the energies of the Cards to each day of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and added the additional seven Chakras of the Aquarian Age to reconnect us all to the all important natural time frequency of our planet. (Sanskrit Chakras, we all know:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet  . . .  now add in the Aquarian ascension colours as Turquois/Copper, Coral, Magenta, Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum  . . .  The 14 PiscArian Colours of each suit helps us to evolve into the Age of Titanium. 

"Let our Earth become our Space Ship".


"As a comprehensive reflection of nature, the 13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar is a perfectly balanced solar / lunar measure and would do no less than give the entire biosphere a fresh new start and a shot at peace.   . . . If humanity wishes to produce harmony, we must use harmonic tools!"  by Jose Aruelles 

    Moon Time exudes calm, serenity and patience.  In tune with the natural rhythm of our world and our bodies, it is vital to return trust to our internal timing frequency.

    Expanding the calendar to fit the Moon Cycles as well as the Solar Seasons will bring balance and harmony with nature.

     The Mayan Calendar is creating awareness of the shortcomings of our Gregorian Calendar and hopefully, provoking serious reconsideration of the "old" calendar and the way time is viewed.

Time is not external, it is internal and key to finding natural balance.

    Always be aware of the cycles of the Moon and bring the 13 MOONS back into consciousness.  There are many schools of thought to explore and discover the meaning of Natural Time and how it relates to the Moon.

    Gypsy will remember to keep the moon in her sights, it is her rhythm of life.