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Moon Time

Moon Time    by Delia
                                              edited by Zelda

     Six year old Gypsy and her father walked out the door on a clear cold winter night.  She squeezed her daddy's hand to get his attention and asked quietly, "Daddy, what is that?".  Arran followed her gaze up to the shimmering Full Moon and explained matter of factually.  "That is the Full Moon."  Then he paused to take a better look and realized something.  He looked down at his beautiful daughter's young eyes and said,  "Remember sweetheart, remember when I worked nights and a lot of times we would stand on the balcony watching the stars and seeing the moon."  There was a look of confusion in her eyes, and then a glimmer of memory.  They stood to admire the magnificent Full Moon and Arran recalled many nights of camping in Mexico before Gypsy was born, and feeling connected to nature. He knew the exact time by the moon and the stars.  He sighed and looked at the many lights of the city that washed the stars shine away and they slowly continued on to the car . . .


     What became of the Moon's important role in time?  It would seem the Moon is gone from our consciousness.   The world has become too crazy, too rushed, almost too artificial.  Often people hear or say things like "running out of time", "wasting time", "not enough time".

    The Moon and it's phases are still important. Moon Time is an ancient concept. It has always been there, waiting patiently to be acknowledged again.

    In 1519 Hernan Cortes and his Spanish crew landed on the coast of Yucatan and discovered the Mayans.  At that time the Mayan empire was not a unified empire, but distinct groups of Mayans sharing cultural characteristics; such as highly developed calendars. The Mayans used seventeen consecutive calendars, a complex writing system and sophisticated mathematics.  Even today the Maya have maintained their significant cultures and languages.

    Cortes, was not yet aware of the spiritual implications that surrounded his expedition.  His arrival in the Americas coincided perfectly with the predicted return of Quetzalcoatl, the "Plumed Serpent". He is the Aztec's main God, credited with creating man and teaching the use of metals and the cultivation of the land.

     Sixty three years later, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian Calendar to create the well known Gregorian Calendar in use today.  The Julian Calendar was created in 45BC and was named after Julius Caesar. Both the Julian and Gregorian  measures of time follow the earth circling the sun and are called Solar Calendars. The necessary time and leap year adjustment from the Julian Calendar into the Gregorian Calendar resulted in the loss of ten days between October 4th and October 15.  That is to say, at midnight October 4, 1582 it became October 15, 1582. 

    Calendars were ultimately implemented to "colonize" the population as an instrument of control. The Gregorian Calendar is filled with days of "celebration", not to promote humanity but to promote consumerism.  It has become the framework of government and global activities geared towards international commerce = "Time is Money".  Following this day to day there is a feeling of getting nowhere, of life without purpose. It is irregular, illogical and does not use internal spiritual language.

"Living under the rigidity of the twelve month calendar, nature has become irrelevant.  It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress; beyond the limitation of nature.  
The fact is, our idea of nature is flawed, not nature itself."

Jose Arguelles

"The 12 month calendar has a cycle that is contrary to and out of phase

with the natural annual thirteen fold gravitational wave created

by the Moon's orbit around the Earth."  

physicist Mark Comings

Moon Time is Natural Time

    Moon Time follows the cycles of the moon around our planet and is referred to as natural time. Every being on our planet is affected by the moon's cycles.   The ocean tides are affected by the moon and the human body, consisting of 80% water, is also affected by the movement of the moon.  Scientist have discovered the effects the moon on our body's balance, moods and emotions.

     Women know this well by their 13 menstruation cycles in one year.  Approximately every 28 days the moon becomes full and every 28 days women experience what Native American women call their "Moon Time".  Women feel this timing frequency which is inside and connected to nature. This is our natural timing frequency.

    Police and Emergency personnel prepare for Full Moon activity.  People can be affected by the dark of the Moon as well;  the days the moon is hidden from the sun. This is the time of the month to rest.

    It has been said, when the moon is "waning"  --   going from Full to New, it is the time to detoxify. When the moon is "waxing"  --  going from New Moon back to Full, it is the time to fortify. The Farmers Almanac is still popular today using moon phases to help the farmers find the best times to sow.

There ARE 13 FULL MOONS in one year!

    The familiar saying "once in a blue moon" is actually quite the contrary.  In the Gregorian twelve month calendar, some months have two Full Moons and it is thought to be a rare occurrence.  There have always been 13 Full Moons in each year. When the calendar is spread equally over 28 days, there is a Full Moon in every month, even and balanced.  Natural.

     This is what Jose Arguelles teaches with his 13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar.  Each day of the week is represented by a vibrational / spiritual name    speaking the internal spiritual language of our Chakras.  Chakras represent the seven energies of the human body.   The Thirteen Months are based on the Thirteen Moons.

     What I have done is combined the energies of the Cards to each day of the Thirteen Moon Calendar and added the additional seven Chakras of the Aquarian Age to reconnect us all to the all important natural time frequency of our planet. (Sanskrit Chakras, we all know:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet  . . .  now add in the Aquarian ascension colours as Turquois/Copper, Coral, Magenta, Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum  . . .  The 14 PiscArian Colours of each suit helps us to evolve into the Age of Titanium. 

"Let our Earth become our Space Ship".


"As a comprehensive reflection of nature, the 13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar is a perfectly balanced solar / lunar measure and would do no less than give the entire biosphere a fresh new start and a shot at peace.  

. . . If humanity wishes to produce harmony, we must use harmonic tools!"

Jose Aruelles 

    Moon Time exudes calm, serenity and patience.  In tune with the natural rhythm of our world and our bodies, it is vital to return trust to our internal timing frequency.

    Expanding the calendar to fit the Moon Cycles as well as the Solar Seasons will bring balance and harmony with nature.

     The Mayan Calendar is creating awareness of the shortcomings of our Gregorian Calendar and hopefully, provoking serious reconsideration of the "old" calendar and the way time is viewed.

    Time is not external, it is internal and key to finding natural balance.

    Always be aware of the cycles of the Moon and bring the 13 MOONS back into consciousness.  There are many schools of thought to explore and discover the meaning of Natural Time and how it relates to the Moon.

     Gypsy will remember to keep the moon in her sights, it is her rhythm of life.

There is an excellent Lunar/Gregorian Calendar to view at:

"Time is INTERNAL  not external!"

 "Who owns your time owns your mind;

own your own time

and know your own mind."
Jose Arguelles

Time IS only a function of focus

--  Abraham - Hicks -- 

Are You Aware of a New Calendar?

The New Way Of  



Welcome to Moon Time.

There is something not quite right

with the way we FEEL time. 

What has changed?

We Have!

It is essential we take a critical look

at the haphazard

12 month Gregorian Calendar,

and understand we are 

"defined by Artificial Time" 


Join the journey into understanding

our cosmic / natural time of 13 Moons.

There has always naturally been 13 Full Moons every year!

"Clocks slay time . . .

  Time is dead as long as it is

being clicked off by little wheels; 

only when the clock stops 

does time come to life."

William Faulkner

Are you ready and willing

to experience the new shift of vibration

to bring harmony back into our world.

Check it out and get in tune

with creating our new story as

 we reawaken . . .

As you begin to explore this new time,

you will reawaken

"the syn-chronic order"

needed for the health of our planet.


"Synchronicity refers to the underlying cosmic intelligence  

that synchronizes people, places and events

into a meaningful order.


We experience synchronicity

when an outer event corresponds to our

inner thoughts, perceptions or feelings.

For example, have you ever been thinking of someone,

when moments later they call you on the phone?


have you ever had a burning question on your mind

only to open to a random page of a book

and find the answer?


This is Synchronicity!"

 quote from

Foundation for the Law Of Time


The missing link!


As you learn the language of the 13 Moons

you will find you are

 "altering your perceptions and

acquiring a new consciousness" 

 needed to save our planet.


 "Transcend the linear confines of mechanical time
and free your heart & mind into natural time!"




Are you ready to open your mind and your Heart to the


"Rainbow Bridge"


Rainbow Bridge Meditation


from   -


"Visualize yourself

 inside the Earth's octahedron crystal core

(with two red and white sides on top, and

two blue and yellow sides below).

In the center of this core is an

intensely blazing point of.

An etheric column extends North and South

from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.

Coiled around the etheric axis

like two strands of DNA, 

are the red and blue flux tubes.


 In the crystal core are four time atoms.

A red time atom is strung on the northern axis,

and a blue on on the southern.

The gravitational plane of the octahedron

emanates horizontally from the center point.

 Along this plane are two more time atoms,

a white and a yellow one,

which turn like paddle wheelers making

a counterclockwise motion around the center.


Now visualize

 that from the center of the crystal

a great stream of

multicolored plasma-filled light flows

along the axis toward both of the Earth's poles,

shooting out from them to become

two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart.

As Earth revolves on its axis,

this rainbow bridge remains

steady and constant,



Next take the whole vision of the rainbow bridge

around the Earth and place it in

Your Heart.




Imagine the two streams of rainbow light

rushing through your central column,

shooting out from above your head

and beneath your feet to create a rainbow bridge

around your body.


Now You and the Rainbow Bridge are One.


The Rainbow Bridge of

World Peace 



"Visualized by enough people

in a telepathic wave of love,

the rainbow bridge IS a reality."

Rainbow Bridge


Here is the 'Link' to start your journey

of discovery:


 Jose Arguelles.



Enjoy this


Video by Eden Sky:



1st Introspective Moon

Day 1  'till   Day 28


July 26 'till August 22

(Gregorian Calendar)


the 13 Moon  -  28 Day 

Internal Energy Cycles

starts on July 26  

(Gregorian Calendar)


"corresponding with the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius"

The heliacal rising of a star occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon for a brief moment just before sunrise, after a period of time when it had not been visible.


"The first day of the 13 Moon Calendar,

the New Year, begins on July 26.

This date originally correlated

to the heliacal rising of Sirius at 19.5 latitude north.


The 13 Moon - 28 Day Calendar

has been in use for over 5500 years.

From the Incan, to the Druidic count, to the Egyptian,

to the Essene, to the Mayan, to the Polynesian.  

The 13 Moon Calendar has been used

throughout pre-history as the harmonic standard

and is now being followed the world

over by advocates of Galactic Culture!


The Calendars that start July 26

may carry messages

from the star Sirius, 

through the Sun to the Earth.


Calendars that begin January 1

may be circulating energy

from both Sirius and Vega,

since the Sun aligns with those two stars at that time.  

Sirius, the New Year Star,

is at its highest overhead at midnight December 31,

while Vega is located directly opposite,

below the horizon, under our feet!"

Thank you for the information about Sirius

2nd Reflective Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


August 23  'till  September 19

(Gregorian Calendar)

3rd Contemplative Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


September 20  'till  October 17

(Gregorian Calendar)

4th Foundation Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


October 18  'till  November 14

(Gregorian Calendar)

5th Explorative Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28 


November 15  'till  December 12

(Gregorian Calendar)

6th Harmonic Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


December 13  'till  January 9

(Gregorian Calendar)


Welcome To
December 21
(Gregorian Calendar)
Last night, as I walked upon the crust of snow, I stood in the quiet cold air to take in the magnificent Full Oak Moon shining under a blanket of light clouds.  I stood there, 'Drawing Down the Moon', and realized what better time to start this year, but upon the Moon of the Newborn Year, The Divine Child . . .
The Full Oak Moon relates to the ancient oak tree that has its trunk deep into the underworld and its branches growing, reaching towards the light . . .
The underworld is symbolic of the land of the Spirit and to die is to be reborn. 
The branches are symbolic of the birth of the Divine Child and the newborn year. . .

This is the most Magical Time of the Year.

Where the old dying year wanes and the New Year is reborn.
Observing and understanding this Full Moon starts our Year's journey together . . .

Joining my family for the Xmas festivities. In past years I have been trying to simplify this holiday, even to the point of escaping to Mexico. This year, I am starting to feel the season as I did when I was young and I do believe it is my sister's request for no gifts that has brought this 
to light. No commercialism to taint these celebrations. 

This year I plan to make a Yule Log. I have reopened my book: 
Wheel of the Year -- Living the Magical Life
by Pauline 
Campanelli and illustrated by Dan Campanelli

This book reopens me to a Magical Year . . .
What I have learned in my years of discovery to become a Pagan is that I have gathered information from many sources.
  There is no right or wrong way to do 'it' . . .  This is how I have created my Solitaire Beliefs . . .


 I searched for the perfect Yule Log and decorated it with Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy Leaves.  I drilled holes in the log and then prepared pieces of coloured paper   (check out my "Colour My World" Page to learn what each colour represents) .   My guests then chose a paper and write their wishes for the coming year . . .  This Yule log was then burned in the fire pit to bring blessings to ALL . . .  Another idea is to find a basket and weave copper wire through it and enjoy the wonderful colours as it burns . . .

Holly and Ivy are symbolic of the balancing of the waning and waxing of the Sun.
Yule is a solar festival (held on December 21) and is celebrated with fire, therefore the Yule Log is an ancient tradition and its burning symbolizes the blazing forth of the new-born Sun. 
The un-burned portion of the Yule Log can be kept as a powerful amulet of protection and be used as kindling for the next year to symbolize continuity . . .

If you wish, you can also collect the ash and keep this as a protective amulet . . . 
I also like the scent of bayberry candles this time of year . . . to ensure growth and prosperity for the coming year . . .
Thank you to my Family and New Extended Family for participating in the Yule Log Burning on Yule . . . 
May all your wishes come true . . .
The December Full Moon can also be called the Long Night's Moon, or the Winter Moon. 
This is a time for acknowledging death and rebirth. 
For acknowledging your spiritual journey and thinking of All those in need on our wonderful planet Earth...

Each year from now on, we are celebrating a new tradition of the
sacred Fire of Yule.
Blessed Be



7th Inspirational Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


January 10  'till  February 6

(Gregorian Calendar)



 I stood in the early morning hue of La Grande, Oregon to see the haze of the Full Wolf Moon...
Winter, the Wolf Moon .l . . where in the past our ancestors would gather close to the fire  "as the silence of the falling snow was pierced by the howling of wolves".
 Reflections of the past, of staying indoors to create by spinning into cloth and connecting cloth for quilting . . .  has in this day and age given way to traveling south to get away from the cold . . .

I still connect with my roots by knitting as we drive along . . .  Creating with my hands.
Traveling through snow covered roads to Ely, Nevada; giving way to dry deserts towards Las Vegas (or as Dale says . . . Lost Wages) . . .    Searching for the warmth still brings to mind the many January's back on the prairies of Manitoba . . .   Back then, I really did not know the meanings of the Full Moons and what Energy the Full Moon can give us All    If we observe.     "Drawing Down the Moon" can be a gathering of many; to a solitaire energy, to a quick kiss, to the beautiful light in the sky . . .    Whatever the reaction, we can All appreciate the effects of the Full Moon . . .

In January the Full Moon can also be known as The Chaste Moon, or The Cold Moon.
This is the time for beginnings, working on goals and issues that are personal in nature.

8th Synchronistic Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


February 7  'till  March 6

(Gregorian Calendar)


Every 4 years (Gregorian Calendar) the leap year

is corrected

by extending

Synchronistic Moon Day 22  

(February 28 'till  noon February 29) 

and beginning Synchronistic Moon Day 23

(noon February 29 through into March 1)

     The Full Storm Moon or The Chaste Moon or The Snow Moon; 

The Ice Moon or The Wild Moon

     This is the time for Growth, for making plans for the future.

This is your time for healing your self-love and accepting of All...

       Waiting for the long winter doldrums to come to an end, 

can be an enlightening time to study magic.


     When I think of Magic, I would like it to be as easy and delightful as watching a Harry Potter movie, but as we all know, Magic does not come with a flick of a wand or a twitch of a nose. So what is this thing so many of us talk of --- called Magic?

     When we prepare to do Magic, we may light a candle or burn incense or stare deep into something, like oil in water, or a mirror --- we go deep within ourselves to discover what potential lies inside waiting . . .


We create "Intent" . . .


     We have to realize this subject has been with us for as long as humankind has been around; once you learn what to look for, it will never leave you . . .

"You are a child of the universe,

no less than the trees and the stars;

you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you,

no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." 

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata: A Poem for a Way of Life

     February can be the time to develop our skills and open ourselves to receive the subtle information flowing constantly towards us.      


I AM open!      

I AM aware of these subtleties ! ! !


     First, as with any new practice, we need to prepare.  The many books I have read on the subject of Magic, generally state the same thing and this is to create and purify a space for positive "White" Magic to flow in and positive intent to flow out.

This can be a complicated ritual, step by step from the many books, or as simple as an "intended" walk-about-circle to cleanse the area.      However you do this is ALWAYS up to you. The purpose here is to do a cleansing of negative vibrations to get the best result. 

What of Ritual . . . ?   Ritual, in my mind, is finding your own steps . .


So choose your own beliefs . . .
Create your own beliefs . . . 


There is NO WRONG WAY or wrong amount of time spent on building a ritual . . .  

ESPECIALLY, when it is yours . . .  


Trust the Magic and Trust Yourself . . .


     Again, the choice is always up to you as to the method you use. That is the beauty of Magic.
Each of us has "IT" within and now-a-days there are a multitude of books, web sites and information sources to help you along to build your own belief . . .

     When I started becoming open to this way of thinking, surprising things started to happen.

I would ask and the answer would always come.  Sometimes in a subtlety of the simplest thing and sometimes with a tremendous thunder bolt to awaken my senses.  Sometimes these answers came within the Witching Hour. That is that time in the early morning, around 4:00 am, when the air is calm and our busy lives become still.    If something is stirring in my ever so busy mind, I will force myself to rise out of my bed to find a paper and pen and write whatever this is down.
  After I have got it out of my head onto paper, I cannot tell you how wonderfully I sleep. After it has been put to the physical world, in the morning I have the answer . . .

    I know, You have all felt these.   It's what you want to do with this information that is the defining determination . . .

A general discussion on the Terms Of Magic . . .

     1. Clairvoyance -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- the supposed power of seeing or knowing about things that are out of sight; second sight. exceptional insight; keenness of mental perception))

"clear-seeing". . . I want to use the literal meaning and not "far-seeing" as sometimes defined. My reason for this is: Can we really see into the future and do we really want to ? ? ? 

 (This is a question for each of you to ponder.)

My belief is in working in the NOW with the help from the past, which opens more doors to the future.  To perceive we know the future tricks and trips up our Magic . . .

Clairvoyance connects to:

Clairaudience -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- having the power of hearing or knowing about sounds beyond the range of hearing)) - "clear hearing"


Clairsentience -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- capacity for feeling ; responsiveness to sensory stimuli; sensory capacity)) - "clear feeling"



Are YOU a clairvoyant?  
Do YOU see, know, hear or feel beyond?
The study of these techniques is to meditate, to quiet the mind.   
This quieting tunes our mind to receiving the messages we seek . . .


2. Let's move on to Astral Projection or Astral Travel -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- Astral body - a body separate from the actual body and supposed to be able to leave it at will; a ghostlike double of the human body)) 

The ability to leave the physical body to bring back information in the form of an experience, Astral Projection is seeing this experience from above.   Leaving our physical body, safely where we have left it, with the assurance to return with the answer.  We are assured to return with the connection of a golden thread attached to our physical body.   I recall, in my youth, feeling able to fly in the confines of my bedroom.  Now I do not question how far I go, as long as I go explore upon the Astral Plan.


3. What about Telepathy -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- the communication of one mind with another without using speech, hearing, sight, or any other sense used normally to communicate))

The meeting of our minds, or mind to mind thought transference OR to a further depth of being a Medium -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- messages from the spirits of the dead are supposedly sent to the living))

When we are able to communicate with those who have past out of this life, Medium-ism can come to us All.  Numerous books are now freely written about the many experiences people have had.  These communications can be a subtle flash, an artistic or poetic expression, or an unexplained physical happening which expands a spiritual awakening.  "Maybe a walnut falling on your head. . . "  or  "A feather falling mysteriously by your feet"  or  "Upon the thought of a Loved One the sight of a butterfly or the finding of a dime."   The smile of knowing what just occurred, is as personal as knowing the person and the memory inspired.

     I do not know how to put it into words, but there is a feeling, a prickling at the base of my neck, that rapidly spans my whole head and what I say is said through me.    And I will leave it at that.   (To not put logic to "IT"   -    sometimes we just do not have the words to  say "IT"...   I truly believe as we all expand our consciousness, there will come a time when we will be able to express and explain these "feelings" freely)


4. Next is psychometry -- ((The World Book Dictionary quote --- the measurement of mental facts and relations, the alleged art or power of divining facts about an object or its owner through contact with it or proximity to it.))


The transference of object-to-mind communication; this is the most basic element of Magic.  The use of an object to form a telepathic link with the mind of another human being. This link can hold the Magic for the harm or for the good of that individual.


     At this point


I have to stress the

Law of Magic

that is:

"HARM NONE,   Do As Ye Will". 


Because of the presumption of Magic having to do with Dark Arts,

I want to stress this Law by my own experience . . .


I was doing dishes, an innocent physical endeavor at best, but with foul thoughts on my mind of sending bad vibes towards another. This, I recall, was taking on a strength in my mind, building nastily out of control, and then  . . .   silently the glass broke; the split second realization of the glass in my hand slicing through a knuckle on my right hand, just below my baby finger.  The blood flowing freely.   The water turning red.   The pain came only upon realization of what had occurred.  And then,  I have to admit,  I smiled knowingly and secretly.


I understood at that very moment what had occurred and the scar is a  reminder for me to 


     Again, in Magic, as in everything,

The choice is yours. 

I Choose to do no harm.    

Maybe this is a karmic thing, maybe cause and effect.  

I have learned if I send out positive love vibes.  

I get back positive love vibes...    

Seems reasonable to me . . .










TO ALL . . .

When it comes time to create Magic, 

go by this set of rules . . .

To Know

To Will

To Dare

To Be Silent

This is the key to All Magic,    

the hardest part is the to be silent . . .       

When Magic Happens. 

This is so exciting, we want to tell everyone.

 By doing this, you may lose a lot of the energy,

so be careful who you tell . . .


      So as the days of February move into March 

and grow slowly longer and we wait for 

spring to finally come forth, 

what better time than to study 

and stir up some Magic . . .

The Journey of Discovery 

is the Pleasure . . .


9th Purification Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


MARCH 7  'till  April 3

(Gregorian Calendar)


The Full Worm Moon,

The Seed Moon


The Plow Moon


The Crow Moon

This the time for Cultivation,

Exploration Outside, for Growth and Balance and Prosperity

?Spring Has Sprung,
The Grass Has Rissss....
I Wonder Where - My Magic Wand - Is...?

As the warmth of spring starts to bring back the growth,

this is the time to search the trees around you

to find just the right piece of wood to make your Wand...

Here are a few types of wood and their meaning...

((As per source

"Wheel of the Year, Living the Magical Life...

Written by Pauline Champanelli, Illustrated by Dan Campanelli))


Birch -- represents the Feminine energy.

             It has been said that witches flew brooms made of birch...

Oak -- represents the Masculine energy.

Mountain Ash -- represents the Tree Of Life.

Willow -- represents the energy of Death.

Hawthorn -- represents the energy of Purification.

Hazel -- represents the energy of Wisdom

Apple -- represents the energy of Love.

Grapevine -- represents the energy of Joy.

Fir -- represents the energy of Immortality,

                  the Evergreen, the energy of Rebirth.


The Magic Wand

"The most magically manifesting tool in your

Witchy Goody Bag."

How do we find our magic wand?

How do we choose?

You can buy one from a metaphysical shop

or any other store source


you can make it with your own creative hands...

This is the Magic of IT...

Just remember the rule of Harm None...

If you have intentions to take a branch from of growing tree,

remember to give Thanks to that tree for the gift of its "limb".

The beauty of this Magic is to get outside and enjoy the spring.

Don't search . . .

Let It Go . . .

And that perfect branch may

just show up at your feet,

maybe after a March storm . . .


maybe your dog will find it . . .


     Once you find your special Wand,

the next step is to Cleanse it

to banish any negative energy it may have accumulated.     

Even if it is new.

This wand is a conductor of energy.    

It picks up the vibration of whomever or whatever

has spent time with it.       


How YOU cleanse this is up to



10th Rising Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


April 4  'till  May 1

(Gregorian Calendar)


The Full Pink Moon,

The Hare Moon


The Planting Moon

This the time for Creativity,

for Self-Confidence and Acting

on those opportunities that have been knocking at your door.

April is also for you to create Love Magic.

"March roared out like a lion...

April cried and stepped aside

and along came pretty little May..."


This is the lines to a song from my youth, "parts of us are always there..". 

every spring I remember those lines...


What is our purpose in being alive on this wonderful

green planet right now? 

Have you ever asked this question?


I am looking around right now in April and I see how easy the plants are pushing through the earth. 

The plants are coming back from the long winter. 

Have you stopped and noticed maybe a Crocus, yet? 

Are the buds of the trees starting to appear?

Years ago, I discovered the essence of plants and felt their energy.

I discovered there is a connection between

the numbers and symbols of the Cards and the essence of plants. 

This connection is directed to

us through our birth date and helps us understand

our purpose in this life.

To create this simply on my site,

I have listed the Birth Cards and the Essential oils

connected with a few simple identification

words for each oil. 

(If you have not discovered your Birth Card yet,

go to the Calendar Page and find your Birth Date. 

Once you have discovered your Birth Card

you can now start to learn your purpose through

Your Essential Oil upon this earth)


Now Discover the

Plant that Goes With You. 

Important Warnings

Ask at the store, where you purchase these oils for any warnings, especially if you are pregnant.  The Store Owner will be aware of these oils...
"Do not use these oils undiluted directly on the skin."
I have been using these oils

only to close my eyes and smell,

to see what memories they instill,

or what emotions they bring to the surface.

There are many books describing Essential Oils and Aroma therapy.
The guide below is to get you interested in the study of your olfactory . . .


To Your Sense of Smell


Ace of Hearts - Heartfelt Introspection  'I AM Love'  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Roman Chamomile  =  opens your intuition to help you find your deepest knowledge.  Harmonizing. Peaceful. Calm.

Two of Hearts - Heartfelt Reflection  'I Mirror You'  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Rose Geranium  =  Healing.  Balancing. Sexual Unfolding.

Three of Hearts - Heartfelt Creative Expression  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Lemon  =  Cleansing. Purifying.   Breaks through Mental Blocks.

Four of Hearts - Heartfelt Security  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Camphor  =  Cooling.  Cleanses your inner space.  Connects you to your past lives.

Five of Hearts - Heartfelt Exploration of Relationships  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Marjoram  =  Spiritual Evolution.  Eases loneliness and grief.  Quiets Mental Chatter.

Six of Hearts - Heartfelt Stability and Harmony  'We are All Mirrors of each other'  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Tangerine or Mandarin  =  Calls forth the child within.  Brightens up your life.  Freeing and Opening.

Seven of Hearts - Spiritual Unconditional Love  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Mugwart  =  Watch how this silver plant glows in the moonlight.  It Promotes Dream Visions.  Astral Traveling.  Unblocks Energies.

Eight of Hearts - Heartfelt Empowerment  'Listen to your Ascended Aquarian Heart  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Spikenard  =  Relaxing. Used as a Nerve Tonic.  Gives Strength

Nine of Hearts - Self - Realization  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Sandalwood  =  Spiritual Oil.  Induces the Calm you need to reach your highest spiritual realm.  Enhances your creativity by grounding and quieting your mind.

Ten of Hearts - Divine Directed to the Expanding Heart  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Coriander  =  Gets you into action.  Focuses and Concentration.  Relieves stress and anxiety.

Princess of Hearts - Intuitive Insight - Self-Illumination  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Vanilla  =  A mild stimulant originally from a Mexican orchid.  It opens your deeply felt emotions.  Building confidence, it attracts others.

Jack of Hearts -Become the Loving Message of Acceptance for ALL  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Carrot  =  Strengthens your inner vision.  Brings you to your Highest Truth.  Removes energy blocks.

Queen of Hearts - Love toward the human family.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Ylang Ylang  =  "fragrance of all fragrances"  Exotic and Erotic.  Dissolves boundaries.

King of Hearts - Father of the Heart.  Honour  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Cistus  Labdanum  =  Gives you courage.  Helps you overcome doubt and fear.  Recognize your fears can become anger.

Ace of Clubs - The Answer comes from Within  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Cinnamon  =  Drawing others into your energy.  Brings back childhood memories.  Represents Rebirth.

Two of Clubs - Reflection through Communication  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Ginger  =  A Powerful Stimulant.  Energizes and Strengthens your body.  Promotes Aggression.  (Quells Nausea)

Three of Clubs - Creative Expression of the Mind.   The Writers Card  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Frankincense  =  Warmth and Soothing.  Reduces Stress and Tension.  Helps you to let go and alleviate guilt.

Four of Clubs - Foundation:  The Complete Mind  'We Are What We Think!'  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Myrtle  =  "Protects you through life transitions and emotional upheavals."  Cleanses disharmony.  "To be fair and just, you must first be true to yourself."

Five of Clubs - Exploration of all our Senses.  Personal Transformation  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Pine  =  Cleansing. Exhilarating.  Keeps you healthy and gives you the will to live.

Six of Clubs - The Balanced Mind.  Listen and Counsel  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Bay Laurel  =  This oil guards you against another?s poisonous thoughts.  Clairvoyance.  Gains New Perspectives.  Helps you to Open Your Heart to others. 

Seven of Clubs - Positive Communicator,  Influential Motivator  -  Your Essential Oil Is  -  Pennyroyal  =  Clears the Conscious Mind.  Eases Mental Confusion.  It repels negative thoughts.

Eight of Clubs - Empowered Communication.  'Our thoughts create our world'   -  Your Essential Oil  -  Birch or Wintergreen  =  Sharpens your senses.  Stimulates your mind.  Takes you on wisdom journeys.

Nine of Clubs -  Self-Realized Contemplation  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Cedar  =  Cuts through mental muck.  Promotes Clarity of Thought.  Relaxes the analytical mind.

Ten of Clubs - Divine Direction.  Self Honesty  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Sage  =  Helps you to speak your intentions.  Opens your Spiritual Mind.  Protects.

Princess of Clubs - Communicative Insight  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Sassafras  =  Clears your eyes for 'in - sight'.  Treats general weakness and mental problems.  It fights exhaustion.

Jack of Clubs - The Messenger of Ascended KnowledgeThe Playful One of the Mind  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Hyssop  =  Clears your Mind of Psychological Clutter.  Brings alertness and clarity.  Lets your spirits fly.

Queen of Clubs - Pure Co-operation, pure generosity.    -  Your Essential Oil  -  Rosemary  =  Stimulates your blood and gets your going in the morning.  Lifts exhaustion.  Calms the wild beast within.

King of Clubs - Harmony and Justice.  Positive Outlook  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Black Pepper  =  Stimulates your emotions and body into action.  Removes blocks between Chakras by seeking out hidden anger and frustration.  Mental alertness.  I've added some research here about how Black Pepper can help in the challenge of quitting smoking . . .

Ace of Diamonds - 'I AM, I Can, I Will'  The Soul Revealed  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Vetivert  =  Resist temptations.  Relaxes deeply held tensions.  Earthy and Grounding.

Two of Diamonds - Reflection of the Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Nutmeg  =  Fights depression and mental fatigue.  Opens your dreams with intensity and colours.  (Be careful with this oil...  Don't overdo it)  Be gentle with your logical side.

Three of Diamonds - Creative Expression of the Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Juniperberry  =  Work with this Oil to ward off negativity.  Detoxifies your body and helps your nervous stomach.  This oil is an psychic stimulant and helps you to meditate.

Four of Diamonds - Direction of the Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Patchouli  =  (Just smell this oil, don?t wear it, it will stay with you a long, long time.)  It helps you deal with anxiety and self-doubt.  It works with your deep emotions.  Grounding and Earthy.  

Five of Diamonds - Exploring the Truth of the Soul  -  Your Essential Oil   -  Thyme  =  Helps you to absorb new learning.  Grounds you to the material world.  Stimulates your conscious mind. 

Six of Diamonds - 'We are climbing the Spiral Staircase of Evolution'  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Cardmom  =  Clears your thinking.  Removes mental fatigue.  Helps you to open and guide others from a place of love while remaining consciously clear-headed.

Seven of Diamonds - Truth  The Positive and Enlightened Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Anise  =  Helps you to let go by helping with stress.  Releases guilt and hidden fears.  Overcomes emotional heart - aches.

Eight of Diamonds - The One Who Sees.  Lift the Veils of the Soul.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Petitgrain  =  From the leaves of the orange tree.  Helps you to believe in yourself.  Heightens Awareness.  Helps you to reestablishes trust.  This is a pungent oil that changes with heat of a candle.  Opens to the other side.

Nine of Diamonds - The Naked Truth Revealed  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Spearmint  =  Helps with your personal integrity and wisdom.  Clarifies when you need to make a decision.   Balancing and Stimulating. 

Ten of Diamonds - The Blessed One.  The Expanding Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Clary Sage  =  Grounds you.  Relax and Smile.  Self-realization and self-knowledge.

Princess of Diamonds - The Transcendent Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Caraway Seed  =  Set your Soul Free.  Refreshing to the conscious mind, enhancing alertness, strengthening memory and promoting clear communication

Jack of Diamonds - The Action of the Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Oakmoss  =  Secures you.  Grounds you.  Helps you to sell your creative ventures.

Queen of Diamonds - Pure Gratitude.  Pure Respect.  The Aquarian Soul  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Rosewood  =  Brings Tranquility.  Helps you to feel secure in yourself.  It only grows in the Amazon rain forest, so we don?t want it to become an endangered species.

King of Diamonds - Fruitfulness  -  Abundance  -  Appreciation  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Basil  =  Sharpens your senses for concentration and learning.  Strengthens your nerve.  Opens the gates to heaven. 

Ace of Spades - I Stand at the Tree of Life  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Lemongrass  =  Helps to relax your nervous system.  Soothes headaches and fights tiredness.  Brings in new ideas.  Helps with spirit communication.

Two of Spades - Ascending into Wisdom beyond duality.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Palmarosa  =  Related to lemongrass.  Clarifies your thoughts.  Sharpens your senses.  Helps you to be more loving to yourself.

Three of Spades -  Stages of Being to Consciousness of Being into Bliss  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Myrrh  =  Heals wounds of sorrow and helps with mystical understanding.  Protects and purifies.

Four of Spades - Mastery through Concentration.  Gratitude.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Bergamot  =  Found in Earl Grey Tea.  Opens your heart to joy.  Uplifting and soothing.  An anti-depressant.

Five of Spades - The Quest for Enlightenment.  The Explorer!  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Peppermint  =  Stimulates the conscious mind, while it calms your nerves.  Helps with indigestion.  Refreshes mental functions.  

Six of Spades - Quiet / Subtle Evolution.   Karma moves to Dharma.  - Your Essential Oil  -  Cypress  =  Symbol of comfort and solace.  Eases sadness.  Helps you to stand up for yourself

Seven of Spades -  Realization of Inner Potential and Spiritual Guidance.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Eucalyptus  =  Learn to Breath.  Learn to Meditate.  Protects you from mental anguish.  Purifying and brings Peace from conflict.

Eight of Spades -  Wisdom applied.  Perfect balance and Pure accomplishment.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Clove  =  Eases pain.  Helps with uncomfortable changes and helps with pain of letting go.  This oil is an energy booster.

Nine of Spades -  Death without Dying.  Standing on the Threshold.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Lavender  =  Relaxing and cleansing.  Promotes Balance.  Induces Peace and Tranquility.  Helps you to live your life to the fullest.   Safe for children.

Ten of Spades -  At the Threshold of Higher Wisdom.  The Spark of Divinity.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Cumin  =  Substituted for Rue.  Protecting.  Easing Pain.  Calms raging emotions.

Princess of Spades - In the state of Awe and Wonder  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Benzoin  =  'Holy Smoke'  a tonic if the respiratory system.  It creates a protective shield.  Brings forth dreams.  Provokes sensual thoughts and releases tensions and resentments.

Jack of Spades -  Courageous Perpetual Energy and Movement.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Dill  =  Sharpens your senses.  Helps you to express yourself clearly.  Brings objectivity.

Queen of Spades -  The Art of Self Mastery  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Tea Tree  =  Awakening.  Helps you to fully experience life.  Protects from psychic attack.

King of Spades -  Co-operation and Conviction.  -  Your Essential Oil  -  Fir  =  Grounding.  Opens energy blocks.  Increases your intuition.  Makes you feel at home on our wonderful planet.

Joker - December 31 (Gregorian Calendar)  

July 25 (Day Out Of Time - 13 Moon Calendar),

The one who emulates All. 

At any given time to discover your Card -

shuffle the whole deck and pick a Card. 

Then discover the oil associated with this Card. 

Your journey as The Joker is to discover it All . . . 

check out My Joker page . . .




Initiation Moon

The Princess Returns

Day 1  'till  Day 28


May 2  'till  May 29

(Gregorian Calendar)


The Full Merry Moon,

Flower Moon


Dyad Moon



This is the time to connect with nature spirits.

Have you seen the faeries and are you connected to "green" magic.

You may believe you have grown to old to see faeries,

but you can still catch their movement and sense their presence.

I found a beautifully illustrated book called


"Seeing Evangeline"

by Sandi Greene.

 Sandi is a visual artist and photographer from Calgary, Alberta.  

Sandi is able to capture the garden faeries.

She has a wonderful eye to see what most of us take for granted. 

Check out her book, you can "google" it.



May is also a time to reconnect with your intuition.


Use natures beauty to

reconnect with your soul.





I am dedicating the Month of May to the HERBS.
Here is my list in alphabetical order for you to discover:

Note: The quotes I have used are from antique text

of the use of Herbs. 

You will note many spelling errors...  

I thought you would enjoy the way people believed

in the quality of Herbs many years ago. 

(also the way they spelled words back then)








Angelica  (Archangelica officinalis)

"The roote of garden Angelica is a singular remedie against poison, and against the plague, and all infections taken by evil and corrupt aire, if you do but take a peece of the roote and holde it in your mouth, or chew the same between your teeth, it doth most certainly drive away the pestilentiall aire."

 -  John Gerard  -  1596  -



Basil  (Ocimum basilicum)

"The juice clenseth away the dimness of the eyes and

drieth up the humour that falleth into them."

-  John Gerard  -1596  -




Bay  (Lauris nobilis)

witch nor devil, thunder nor lightning,

will hurt man where a bay tree is."

-  Nicholas Culpeper  -  1652  -



Bergamot  (Monardo didyma)

Bergamot is within Earl Gray Tea, It is known for it?s antidepressant qualities.

-  Mystic Emblems  -



Borage  (Borago Officinalis)

"For the comfort of the heart, to drive away sorrow."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



Catmint   (Nepeta cataria)

"Cats will rub themselves upon it, wallow and tumble in it

and also feed upon the branches and leaves very greedily."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Anthemis nobilis  /  Maticaria chamomilla)

"Oil of Camomile is exceeding good against all maner of ache and paine,

bruisings, shrinking of sinews, hardnesse and colde swellings."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Anthriscus cerefolium)

"Wholesome for the feeble stomache."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Cichorium intybus)

"These herbs when they are green have the virtue to cool the hot burning of the liver."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Allium schoenoprasum)

"Chives are said to stimulate the appetite."

-   Gilda Daisley  -



(Symphytum officinale)

"The slimie substance of the roote made into a posset of ale, and given to drink agaynst the paine in the back, gotten by any violent motion as wrestling  . . ., doth in fower or five daies perfectly cure the same, although the involuntarie flowing of the seed in men be gotten thereby."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



Curry Plant  
(Helichrysum augustifolium)

"A remedy against the stuffing of the head, that commeth through coldness of the brain, if a garland thereof be put about the head."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Taraxacum officinale)

"Boiled in vinegar it is good against the pains that trouble some in making water."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Anethum graveolens)

"That being burnt and laid upon moist ulcers it cureth them."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Sambucus nigra)

"If the medical properties of its leaves, bark and berries were fully known, I cannot tell what our countryman could ail for which he might not fetch a remedy from every hedge, either for sickness or wounds."

-  John Evelyn  -



(Foeniculum vulgara)

"The Green leaves of Fennel eaten do fill womens breasts with milk."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Allium sativum)

"It performs almost miracles in phlegmatic habits of the body."

-   Nicholas Culpeper  -  1652  -



(Armoracia rusticana)

"With a little vinegar is commonly used among the Germans for sauce to eat fish with, and such like meats, as we do mustard but this kind of sauce doth heat the stomach better and causeth better digestion than mustard."

-   John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Hyssopus officinalis)

"Made with figs, water, honey and rue and dandelion, helpeth the inflamation of the lungs."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Lavendula officinalis)

"The decoction of the husks and flowers drunke, openeth the stoppings of the liver, the lungs, the mitt, the mother, the bladder and in one worde all other inward parts, clensing and driving forth all evill and corrupt humours. And procureth urine."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



Lemon Balm 
(Melissa officinalis)

"Baulme is often amoung other hot and sweete herbs, to make baths and washings for mens bodies or legges, in the Summertime, to warme and comfort the veines and sinews."

-  John Parkinson  -



(Tilia cordata)

"The leaves boiled in water with a piece of Alum and a little honey cure the sores in childrens mouths."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Levisticum officinale)

"Being drunk it eases the pains of the guts and swelling of the stomach."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Calendula officinale)

"The floures and leaves of Marigolds being distilled, the water dropt into red and watery eyes, ceaseth the inflammation and taketh away the pain."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(origanum majorana)

"The Sweete Marjeromes are much used to please outward senses in nosegayes, and in the windowes of houses."

-   John Parkinson  -




"It is good against watering eyes, and all manor of breakings out in the head and against the infirmities of the fundament, it is a sure remedie for childrens sore heads."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



Nasturtium  (Tropaeolum majus)

"They disperse themselves far abroad, by menas whereof one plant doth occupie a great circuit of ground."

-  John Gerard  -  1597  -



(Petroselinum crispum)

"The leaves are pleasant in sauces and broth, they are also delightful to the taste and agreeable to the stomach."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Mentha pulegium)

"Pennyroyal taken with honey cleanseth the lungs and cleareth the breath from all grosse and thick humours."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Rosmarinus officinalis)

"See the much Rosemary, and bathe therein to make thee lusty, lively, joyful, likeing and youngly."

-  William Langham  -  1579  -



(Ruta graveolens)

"For the malady called lethargy, which is forgetfulness, take the herb rue, rinse it in vinegar and lay it on the brow."

-  Unknown writer, Sixth Century BC  -



Salad Burnet 
(Poterium sanguisorba)

"The juice of the leaves doth cleanse and take away all spots and freckles of the face and cause a good colour."

-   John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Salvia officinalis)

"How can a man die who has sage in his garden?"

-  Arab proverb  -




"Boiled and eaton with beans it forthwith helpeth the affects of mother proceeding from wind."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Rumex acetora)

"Sorrel doth undoubtedly cool and mightily dry, but because it is sour it likewise cutteth the tough humours."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Artemisia abrotanum)

"This herb, burnt to ashes and mixed with oil, will promote the growth of hair in person affected by baldness."

-   Bancakes Herbal  -



(Artemisia dracunculus)

"It sweetens the breath, dulls the taste of medicine."

-  John Gerard  -  1596  -



(Thymus vulgaris)

"The whole plant is fragrant, and yields an essential oil that is very heating."

-  Nicholas Culpeper  -  1652  -



(Valerian officinalis)

"It is under the influence of Mercury and therefore has a warming facility."

-  Nicholas Culpeper  -  1652  -



Yarrow  also called Sneezewort 
(Achillea millefolium)

"Venus governs this useful plant."

-  Nicholas Culpeper  -  1652  -


Record Keeping Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


May 30  'till  June 26

 (Gregorian Calendar)


A Beautiful Month To Get Hand-fasted 

Here are our words for

our hand-fasting on

Crystal 21  //  June 19, 2010






Universal Moon

Day 1  'till  Day 28


June 27  'till  July 24

(Gregorian Calendar)

Find YOUR BirthCard on the
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