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Relationship Connections

Relationship Questions to ponder with an open heart.   I truly believe we teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves.

What AM I getting out of this Relationship?

How is this Relationship bringing joy to my life?

How am I growing and becoming a better person as a result of this Relationship?

Do I feel Safe?

Do I feel Respected?

 Do I feel Loved?

Do we share attractions and chemistry? 

 Do we have similar life goals and dreams?

Are My emotional needs being met?

Are My physical needs being met?

Are My mental needs being met?

 Are My spiritual needs being met?

Are they faithful?

Do I feel happy and fulfilled more that

I feel unhappy and frustrated?

Does this relationship allow me to be true to myself?  

. . . true to my values ? 

. . . true to my beliefs ?  

. . . true to my spirit ?

 If this relationship were to end, would I truly be sad about the lose of this relationship


sad that they were not the person I wanted them to be?


Ponder the same questions when you are talking to yourself?  

There is a reason our eyes are where they are, 

looking out to the world. 

We see others, we do not see ourselves. 

We are Mirrors of each other. 

We teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves . . .

I deserve a completely fulfilling Relationship!

I deserve to be an equal partner in my Relationship!

I deserve to move forward in my Relationship!

I deserve to move towards shared life goals!

I deserve to have Joy in my Relationship!

I am far too wonderful to be anyone's second choice!


I take action that says

"I Value Myself Enough Not To Settle For Anything Less!"

"Being in a Good Relationship is a Symbol that I know how to Love My Self"



whole, perfect,

strong, powerful,

loving, harmonious,



 Quote by:

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel  

Also in "The Secret"


What is an Affirmation?

When we speak in the First Person, I, we are speaking to our soul. Affirmations are always Positive. Affirmations are (aware) statements. The more we hear these statements the more empowered we become.  Positive Affirmations  are of Value to us All to Succeed in this World . . .

 "Use the two most powerful words I AM to your best advantage."

- The Secret -

  "All that we are is the result of what we have thought"

- Buddha -

"I Am Love"


"Spiritual Partnership . . .
The new partners are on a journey of spiritual growth.They want to make the journey. Their love and trust keep them together. Their intuition guides them. They consult with each other. They are friends. They laugh a lot. They are equals.
That is what a spiritual partnership is:
a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth."
{from "Soul Stories" by Gary Zukaz}

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances, if there is any reaction, both are transformed."     

~Carl Jung~


"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."       

~Sam Keen quotes  (American Philosopher)~


"Why are we attracted to each other?"  

This READING tells you WHY you are connected. First describing You and then describing Your Partner. 

You will find yourself referring to your report, time after time.  

The connections are wonderfully accurate.      

Reading this together, as a couple, will give you new ways to express yourself, 

to create a workable relationship.

The Reading will be sent as a PDF file.

This reading can also be for a Friend, a Family member or a Business Associate.

"We must first understand ourselves,

we must then understand the person we have chosen to enter into a relationship 

and finally the dynamics we create when we come together."


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The Law Of Attraction       

By: Delia and Zelda

We understand the Law Of Gravity. We "get it"

When we throw a ball up in the air, it always comes down. 

"What goes up must come down." 

There is no need to question the Law Of Gravity.

Now, what is this Law Of Attraction we keep hearing about?

Norman Vincent Peale coined it in his book

"Power of Positive Thinking" published  in 1952 .

 "We tend to get what we expect."

       When we evolve our way of thinking we need new words to describe these concepts.  We are becoming accustomed to words like Vibration and Frequency.  These words describe energy.  These waves of energy work around us and through us.  Waves of electrically charged energy connect everything in our Universe.  Our Universe manages these vibrations with precise balance. This is synchronicity at it's finest.  This is Nature. 

We are Nature.

Abraham-Hicks defines the Law Of Attraction as

"That which is liken to itself is drawn!".


 "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."

- Buddha -

When we become aware of this vital law of our existence, we will see it has always been with us.  We are now able to see and feel our growth.  Each of us plays a part in deliberately creating our evolution.  With this in mind, we can choose to work with this law for greater good.  Pleasure is something we all seek. . .  comfort, pleasure and, of course, LOVE.

 "Nothing is more important than I feel good!"
- Abraham-Hicks -

  How does the Law of Attraction become as natural as the Law of Gravity?

  Now that we are aware of the Law of Attraction, how do we work it? 

Since it has always been with us, how do we master it?

    When serious issues arise, we must choose our words with awareness and care.  In moments of truth free choice is critical!   Gurus have been teaching us to meditate, to clear our mind and stop our thoughts.  This can be a daunting task.  Experts say we have over 60,000 thoughts a day.  Is it possible to monitor or clear all these thoughts?  Thoughts do not have to be stopped completely to find peace of mind. Thoughts are our creativity.   This is what motivates action.   We need to think with purpose and with feeling.

"How do I retrain or reprogram disturbing thought patterns I have had all my life?"

Be Aware!


BE IN JOY.  Right Now!

By acknowledging the issues and asking the questions,  these so-called disturbing thoughts are brought to the forefront.  It is now that free choice is exercised and thought patterns can be retrained and/or reprogrammed.  Like an exercise to heal an injury we have the ability to retrain our minds and raise our vibration for the greater good.  I can train myself to be positive and, therein, bring positive results.

"I Care How I Feel, Right Now!"

To master the Law Of Attraction use the two most powerful words:

 "I AM . . ."!

  When we speak in the First Person; I; we are speaking to our soul.  Use these words to form affirmations to bring positive results.  The more we hear these statements the more empowered we become.
Some may argue, the words "I AM" sound selfish. I remember my mother telling me, if you don't love yourself,  you  can't  love  another.   Are  these words "I AM" selfish or are they "Self Love"?

The biggest hurdle in this "I AM" concept is to understand that our thoughts about ourselves are far more powerful than others' perceptions of us.

In the same spirit, releasing others from our expectations prevents disappointment.  Allowing and accepting others for themselves.
"Disappointment is our expectations unfulfilled!"

"I AM . . .!"

Without fear or judgement it can be done!  It starts with just one  ?I AM?  to start the ball rolling towards attraction.  Start by repeating the magic words

'I AM'

continuously for 17 seconds . . . and beyond . . .

"My "I AM" statement came to me at a job interview when the question was quickly asked and I had no time to trip myself up.  I was asked to quickly give one quality I saw in myself.  Without hesitation I answered.  "I AM Patient!"   My answer was a complete surprise. Not only because of the truth of it, but of the way I was able to answer the question without fear or self judgment.  More importantly, I noticed how that made me feel.  That confident "I AM" attracted more of that wonderful feeling and not only gave me the job but changed my life by opening the doors to what I am truly good at."

 How Do I Fast Track the Working of the Law Of Attraction?


Choose your words carefully. 

To work this wonderful Law Of Attraction into the fast track of

awareness of "getting it all" . . .

it's time to train your mind toward your feeling good vibrations right now.

   Allow yourself to receive by saying things like:

"Right at this moment in time, I Feel Better!"

"I AM Grateful for all the money I have right now! Money comes easily and frequently towards me!"

"I AM Grateful for all my connections.  I live my love. Right now I AM LOVE; with all my heart; with my body, my mind and my soul; with all my being."

"I AM Healthy right now!"

 "I AM In-Shape right now! I see my perfect body everywhere, especially in the mirror!"

 "I AM Strong.  I AM Grateful for my muscle, tendon, and bone strength."

"I AM and that is Sufficient."

 I AM . . . . . . Right Now!

Right at this moment in time I AM here to be in joy.  I AM here, right now, to be happy and in Love with Myself.


 Everything is exactly as it should be!

 The Law of Attraction is always waiting for your requests.   Remember that you reap what you sow and always be grateful for each and every day.

Albert Einstein said:

"I think the most important question facing humanity is  - 

"Is the universe a friendly place?"

Now that you understand the Law of Attraction, the only answer to his poignant question has to be a resounding  
This IS a Friendly Universe.

The Law of Attraction is and always has been as natural as the Law of Gravity.  Keep asking, requesting and creating! 

Let the Law Of Attraction work for you! 

Have fun with IT!   

Play with IT!   

Open your heart to IT!     

Love IT!  

Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction IS as natural as that bouncing ball!


Blessed Be



Be Aware, Emotional Vampires At Large  

 by Delia and Zelda

There is a fascination with Vampire movies, books and TV shows these days.  Aside from pure horror, there are underlying messages here.

Energy!    Walking happily down the street and seeing an old friend, a greeting hug, a quick exchange and, lo and behold, the happy feeling has disappeared and is replaced by an empty and sluggish feeling.  Having a conversation with a co-worker, a partner, a sibling or a parent and walking away you realize you are feeling completely and utterly drained. 

What just happened here?     Energy!

"Around you is a subtle electromagnetic body of energy that is sometimes called the subtle body and is normally unseen by the naked eye . . . Imagine it to be a faint energy field like a colourless mist. Flashing through it are mini-lightning bolts of flamelike
etheric sunbursts that shoot out from you in all directions.

-  Stuart Wilde  author of Silent Power  -

Scientists tell us the universe is made up of electromagnetic energy pulsating around and through all things.   Unseen bolts of lightning are streaming between us with every interaction.  

 "Being AWARE" of this exchange of energy is how to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the "Emotional Vampires".
It is likely that these people do not intentionally mean to steal our "etheric" energy and maybe as they encounter our happy energy, they now feel better.  Energy and vibration are being exchanged.  It is vitally important to realize how powerful this force field can be.   Without this awareness, energy is easily lost.

James Redfield describes these interaction as "controlled dramas" in his book  The Celestine Vision.

"Every person is an energy field consisting of a set of assumptions and beliefs that radiate outward and influence the world."

 -  James Redfield  -


"Energy Flows,Where Attention Goes"

-  James Arthur Ray  -

We live in an energy competitive world where people are constantly manipulating others and, at many times, not even realizing that they are doing it.

These "Control Dramas" used by Emotional Vampires

are listed below:


"The Poor Me",

                       "The Aloof",

                                           "The Interrogator"


                                                                      "The Intimidator".

                                                                                                                     James Redfield


"Does anybody care?"     The Poor Me

Everyone at one time or another has encountered the "Poor Me".  One who draws on our life force to help in the loss of their health.  They say things like. "I am so sick, I will never get better."  They draw on our sympathies not for answers, but to focus on their personal issues.  Upon hearing these complaints, knee jerk reaction is guilt and helplessness.    We can protect our energy from the "Poor Me"!!

Talking and communicating our needs is a vital part of our human existence.  With awareness, it is time to stand our ground and protect the loss of energy.  Quietly and consciously send this friend or family member our Pure Loving Energy from our Heart Chakra.   Feel pure "etheric" electrical energy flowing directly into them and in turn feel the upsurge of pure loving energy in ourselves.  How do we accomplish this?

Just by being Aware

"I work Home Support.  I visit many people who have just come home from the hospital.  My intent is to enter their home, do my job and leave them smiling.  I often smile as I bid them farewell at how easy it is to lift their spirits. It makes my job very enjoyable."

When hearing and feeling the depth of another's despair sometimes the only thing WE CAN DO is give pure, clear, loving "etheric" energy.  Reach out to this person with our heart and know they will truly feel it.  Science has proven, we are not just a mind, a body or an emotion -  we are energy;  our "etheric" body is our light  -  our life essence.


"Does anyone notice!"    "The Aloof"  

The "Aloof"  -  one who is unapproachable, secretive, vague, mysterious, withdrawn or distant.  They do not give straight answers to questions.  Feel the surrender of  energy as we try to get them to come out of their shell.  They draw us in, yet keep us at a distance.  They capture our attention, by constantly using this vague strategy.  Watch for the most predominate body language here  -  arms across the chest  -  protecting their heart.  This is the time to say nothing, just reach out and touch their arm to help them become aware of closing down.  Just this action alone moves the "etheric" energy into a healing conversation.  They may respond by saying, "But, I feel comfortable holding my arms across my chest"!  Our response is to be aware of how they are using their body language to convey their message.  Body language unconsciously responds to our thoughts.  The aloof wants to be noticed, so hold your ground and send loving Energy to them.  Do not get locked into this controlling drama.  Remember "etheric" energy  speaks loud and clear.  Being Aware of our thoughts is also vitally important .


"I know what is best for you!"

                                          "The Interrogator"

The most nasty "Emotional Vampire" is the "Interrogator" or the one who monitors us and criticizes our every move. They hold us captive in their energy field by using criticism.  This person has a need to correct our personal character and this sets us off balance.  

Defend yourself by staying centered and hold your ground.  Always send Loving Energy to them.  They may deny they are monitoring us or even accuse us as being the ones who are critical.  They may even go so far as to argue their criticism is valid, they have a need to help us.  

Be Aware, it is not the suggestions they are giving, it is the way they are presenting the suggestion that drains energy.


"Danger Zone!"   "The Intimidator"

Ahh, the most dangerous, aggressive and scary of the Emotional Vampires, the ominous "Intimidator".

Upon encountering one, feel how energy is being drained immediately. Rage and violence is erupting.  Feel your adrenalin flushing through your body and prickling at the top of your head.  Fear is surging through your whole being.  This dominates us, this abuses us, this is the last straw where the guilt-tripping "Poor Me" no longer works, "No One Cares".  The "Aloof" game, can not be played, "No One Notices".  Criticism is met with hostility.  The Intimidator is in complete and utter isolation and strikes with a venom so powerful it leaves us in terror.  The fight or flight defense for protection is activated and due to the obvious danger it would be wise to leave this situation immediately to get help.



"The Best Defense is to have Nothing to Defend!"

-  Stuart Wilde  author of Silent Power  -


The rules for helping these emotional vampires are always the same:

 Be Aware and Get Ready . . .

Ground and Center Your Energy . . .


Stand in your Silent Non-Speaking Power!

Consciously pour Pure Loving Energy from

Your Heart Chakra .

Know that these controlled dramas are negative cycle/patterns. The "emotional vampires" have learned  how to gain energy and don't necessarily want to be fixed.  It has never been your responsibility to fix them.  By not allowing them to drain us, they will soon learn these strategies no longer work and this is the beginning of their healing.

"As you insist on looking for positive aspects in others,

in time only positive aspects can be shown to you,

for you will have incrementally adjusted

your Vibrational point of attraction:

and, by Law, that must be so."

 quote from   

Getting into the Vortex
Guided Meditation CD and User Guide
by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Teachings of Abraham
A Must Read!


Blessed Be



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